Litigation Practice

We focus on cost-efficient strategies, trying to limit legal expenses while striving to achieve the best possible result for the client, whether it is minimizing liability or maximizing return. We have expertise in a broad range of business-related torts, and years of experience in every phase of litigating business, intellectual property and real estate disputes.


Business Disputes and Litigation
Businesses can encounter a number of disputes relating to breaches of contract, fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, etc… Understanding the key elements to these claims and their defenses permits us to give the clients practical advice about bringing or defending against an action on these issues.

Real Estate
We have addressed and litigated a number of real property related disputes, including disputes regarding ownership of property, boundary disputes, breaches of real property purchase contracts, as well as the rights and obligations of owners of condominium units vis-a-vis the homeowners association.

Various local municipalities have a wide range of laws, regulations and requirements concerning landlord/tenant rights, eviction, and rent control, both within the commercial and residential context. We are intimately familiar with the many local rules concerning landlord/tenant rights in both commercial and residential contexts, and we have experience consulting about, as well as bringing and defending actions related to these rights.

Construction disputes often involve an understanding of mechanic’s liens, government contracts, relationships between sub- and general contractors, product liability, and other types of disputes. Our attorneys are familiar with the unique combination of issues that construction litigation presents. We provide counseling on actual disputes and advice on how to structure contracts and business relationships to avoid disputes.