Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in Breach of Contract Claims

Written and oral contracts play a basic structuring role in business relationships. As a result, most business disputes — including disputes among businesses, disputes between businesses and individuals, and disputes between business owners — are ultimately contract disputes.

At the law firm of Lvovich & Szucsko, P.C., our experienced San Francisco business contract dispute attorneys help clients throughout the Bay Area pursue beneficial resolutions to disputes over the interpretation and enforcement of contractual agreements.

Resolving Cases Through Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm is frequently called upon to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract claims and other disputes arising out of contractual relationships. We are experienced at litigating cases involving all types of contracts, including, but not limited to, the following:

In California, virtually all civil lawsuits must be taken to mediation before they can proceed to trial. Our attorneys are experienced at advising clients on mediation proceedings and advising them on other alternative dispute resolution options, including binding arbitration.

We are also fully prepared to take contract claims to court when necessary. As a firm made up of experienced litigators and business transactional lawyers, we are in a strong position to effectively advocate for our clients’ preferred outcomes in contract litigation.

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