Intellectual Property And Estate Planning

The average person’s most valuable assets include their real estate, stocks, and other financial savings. According to the Wall Street Journal, for many people the best choice would be to leave their beneficiaries money through a Roth IRA. This may or may not comprise the most valuable assets owned by someone with rights to intellectual […]

Qualified Domestic Trusts

The benefits of a living trust are vast, and include avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of probate, as well as avoidance of certain taxes. The estate tax is currently set at approximately $5.5 million (anything less is not subject to taxation), meaning that most people who pass on their assets to their loved ones […]

An Easement

The average American house is larger than ever, while the yard is continuing to grow smaller, according to the Atlantic. This has spurred innumerable arguments and disputes between close-quartered neighbors, with easements being of top concern. An easement is a strip of land, usually in the form of a dirt road or driveway, that bisects […]