Divorce in San Francisco

A divorce, also called a dissolution of marriage, requires a legal proceeding in which one party petitions the family law court asking for a divorce to be granted. The other party responds, and the litigation begins. Every state has laws covering how and under what circumstances a divorce will be granted. If you live in […]

Navigating Your Divorce Through COVID-19

Finding your way through a divorce is always hard, but navigating your divorce through COVID-19 can seem overwhelming. The pandemic has had a huge emotional and financial effect on individuals and families. If you are like others seeking a divorce right now, the coronavirus outbreak has added a new layer of stress. Strict shelter-in-place orders […]

The Spike of Domestic Violence During COVID-19

  COVID-19 has triggered a lot of changes across the United States. In California, many residents have been home for weeks at a time, often unemployed, working from home, or with reduced hours. With restricted movements, people are not only more confined, but they are also more restless. Unfortunately, stopping the spread of coronavirus may […]

Emergency Protective Orders Available During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated life for people worldwide and has been devastating for high-risk individuals and their families. One group of people who may be at increased risk of harm during the COVID-19 outbreak is victims of domestic violence. The New York Times reports that movement restrictions aimed at containing the virus have resulted […]

Expanded Domestic Partnership Law Takes Effect

All California couples now have a choice once limited to same-sex unions and heterosexual couples over 62. California initially legalized domestic partnerships in 1999. Some conservatives initially opposed the law’s expansion, citing concerns that it would erode traditional marriage. But the expected opposition did not materialize, and the expansion proposal passed almost unanimously. “We’re in […]

Josh Duhamel and Fergie Officially Divorce

Two years after they announced their separation, a California judge dissolved the marriage between the actor and Black Eyed Peas singer. According to court documents, the two agreed to divide legal and physical custody of Axl, their 6-year-old son. Also, in a rather unusual move, neither party will pay alimony or child support as both […]

Calif. Court: Facebook Posts Do Not Outweigh Genetic Testing in Paternity Cases

On November 1, 2019, the California Second District Court of Appeal issued a published decision in County of Los Angeles v. Christopher W. This case involved an unusual paternity dispute. A trial court held one man was a child’s legal father. The Court of Appeal disagreed. It found another man, identified by the mother as […]

Fergie Files for Divorce from Josh Duhamel

Almost two full years after the couple separated, the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer Fergie files for divorce from Josh Duhamel the Transformers actor. In September 2017, the couple announced they were ending their eight-year marriage. During these last two years, the couple has repeatedly stated that they get along well. Both Josh and Fergie […]

Bezos Divorce Finalized After 90 Days

Though the January 2019 news of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos divorce from wife MacKenzie may not have come as a surprise, many are shocked that the entire process was finalized within 90 days. Both ex-spouses revealed in separate Tweets on April 4, 2019 that they had reached an agreement on all matters related to property division, […]

Sacramento Court: You Cannot Amend a Trust with a Post-It Note

Many people decide to make or amend their estate plan after learning they have a terminal illness. Unfortunately, some are unable to complete the process before it is too late.In a recent decision, Pena v. Dey, the California Third District Court of Appeal confronted this situation. A Sacramento man, James Robert Anderson, attempted to amend […]