Sonoma, CA, Mother May Seek Additional Childcare Support to Complete Professional Training

A key goal of child support is to ensure children–and parents–can sustain themselves without the need for public assistance. California law therefore directs judges to award additional child support to enable parents to obtain professional training. This additional support helps the parent who needs training pay for childcare. In a landmark decision, a California appeals […]

Fergie Files for Divorce from Josh Duhamel

Almost two full years after the couple separated, the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer filed for divorce from the Transformers actor. In September 2017, the couple announced they were ending their eight-year marriage. During these last two years, the couple has repeatedly stated that they get along well. Both Josh and Fergie have said that […]

Bezos Divorce Finalized After 90 Days

Though the January 2019 news of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos divorce from wife MacKenzie may not have come as a surprise, many are shocked that the entire process was finalized within 90 days. Both ex-spouses revealed in separate Tweets on April 4, 2019 that they had reached an agreement on all matters related to property division, […]

How an Out-of-State Move Affects Custody

One of the most devastating aspects of shared custody is when one parent decides to move out of state and take your child with them. Or conversely when you have an opportunity to start a new job out of state and you have to deny the chance because the other custodial parent has refused to […]

What is asset protection planning?

What is asset protection planning?  Asset protection planning is planning to take proactive legal action to protect your assets from the possibility of creditors, divorce, lawsuit or judgments. The purpose is to deter potential lawsuits and creditors. Asset protection planning is meant to frustrate or impede creditors’ ability to seize your assets or collect judgments. […]