Five things employees should ask themselves before they sue

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated from your job, or that you were forced into resignation, your first instinct may be to sue your former employer. While you may have a valid case that can be won, it is a good idea to ask yourself a few questions before rushing into a lawsuit. […]

New front opened in cybersecurity wars

New front opened in cybersecurity wars Recently the SEC has made moves that show their willingness to put muscle into cybersecurity guidance. The SEC announced an agreement with St. Louis-based investment company, RT Jones Capital Equities Management, to settle charges that the company failed to adequately safeguard the personal information of approximately 100,000 individuals. Consistent […]

What is asset protection planning?

What is asset protection planning?  Asset protection planning is planning to take proactive legal action to protect your assets from the possibility of creditors, divorce, lawsuit or judgments. The purpose is to deter potential lawsuits and creditors. Asset protection planning is meant to frustrate or impede creditors’ ability to seize your assets or collect judgments. […]

How do I submit a will for probate?

How do I submit a will for probate? Probate is not an easy process. It is complex because the validity of the will must be proven, and the deceased person’s estate and final affairs must be taken care of. There are four specific things that an executor must do to successfully complete the probate process […]

What is a self-proved will?

What is a self-proved will? Many wills are “self-proving,” which is simply a term that is used to describe a will that is witnessed by two or more individuals who certify that the will was actually signed by the decedent or testator. This is often accomplished by a self-proving affidavit that is attached to the […]