How do I submit a will for probate?

How do I submit a will for probate?

Probate is not an easy process. It is complex because the validity of the will must be proven, and the deceased person’s estate and final affairs must be taken care of. There are four specific things that an executor must do to successfully complete the probate process of a will:

  1. Collect all the deceased person’s assets –

    The first thing that an executor must do is collect the person’s assets. This includes car titles, jewelry, keys to the homes and safes, and bank cards. Place all of this information in a safe place where no one will have access to it. Remember that as executor, you can be held liable for anything missing from the estate.

  2. Send a notice to all creditors –

    If available, you will use liquidated money from the estate to pay any remaining creditors. The best way to ensure all creditors are paid is to request a credit report and send the creditors a copy of the death certificate. This will provide the creditor notice of the death, at which point they will send you a final bill. Pay the bills if they are accurate.

  3. Notify all insurance companies and public agencies –

    Locate all insurance companies, social security information, etc. and notify these entities of the death. Most will also require a copy of the death certificate. If the deceased person has a widow, be sure and specify their information to the social security office for surviving spouse’s payment.

  4. Submit papers to the probate court and obtain a probate court date –

    Contact the courthouse and find out about the necessary forms. You will most likely receive a packet with inventory and appraisal forms, accounting papers, as well as a general probate submission form. Fill out all the forms in detail and obtain notary signatures where applicable. Submit to papers to the courthouse and obtain a probate court date.

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