Appeals Court Returns Santa Monica Building to Rent Control

Rent control remains a hotly contested issue throughout California. The California legislature is currently considering a new statewide rent control policy. Meanwhile, individual cities and counties continue to struggle with their own rent control inventories. On July 30, a California appeals court sided with Santa Monica in its long-running effort to bring a single building […]

How do I submit a will for probate?

How do I submit a will for probate? Probate is not an easy process. It is complex because the validity of the will must be proven, and the deceased person’s estate and final affairs must be taken care of. There are four specific things that an executor must do to successfully complete the probate process […]

What is a self-proved will?

What is a self-proved will? Many wills are “self-proving,” which is simply a term that is used to describe a will that is witnessed by two or more individuals who certify that the will was actually signed by the decedent or testator. This is often accomplished by a self-proving affidavit that is attached to the […]